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Couch Grass

Synonyms for Couch Grass: Common Couch, Twitch Grass, Scotch Quelch, Quick Grass, Dog Grass, Quitch, Quack Grass
Scientific Name: Agropyron repens L.
Family: Poaceae (Grass Family)


You cultivate this?! This incredulous exclamation can be heard when visitors to WALA's medicinal herb garden see the pots of couch grass, a grass which is familiar to every garden owner as a troublesome weed which is almost impossible to eradicate. With its creeping rhizome, which forms numerous branches, it spreads so extensively and deeply through the soil that it appears to have taken over the ground for ever. From this sturdy rootstock grow the smooth bare stems, which can reach a height of up to 1 m, bearing narrow, flat, green or bluish green leaves. From June to August a flowering spikelet tops the stems. The plant can be found anywhere where it is left to spread unhindered: fields, roadsides, waste places and fallow land, unfortunately also often in gardens.