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Madonna Lily

Synonyms for Madonna Lily: White Lily
Scientific Name: Lilium candidum (L.)
Family: Liliaceae (Lily Family)


The Madonna Lily is the lily par excellence. Its large pure white, trumpet shaped flowers with yellow anthers bloom in June and July. Between 5 and 20 of these flowers, which give off a strong, sweet perfume, cluster around a stem about 1.20 metres high. Lilies are bulbous plants. The bulb of the majestic, warmth-loving Madonna Lily is a so-called scaly bulb which stores nutrients in its thick fleshy “scales”. If you want to grow Madonna Lilies in your garden the bulbs should be planted in the late summer of the previous year. In the autumn the bulb produces a tuft of leaves through which the lily builds up its strength before the winter.