The WALA Plant Library

Synonyms for Sage: Common sage
Scientific Name: Salvia officinalis L.
Family: Lamiaceae (labiate plant)


It could be described as being elegant with its slender leaves covered with a greenish-grey down. This velvety covering is the first sign that this is indeed sage. If you then rub the leaves, the sage aroma that spreads is the unmistakable proof. Sage is a semi-shrub type plant, growing to 20 to 60 cm in height, as it lignifies at the lower end but at the upper end the stems remain soft and covered with felt-like down. From June to July the light violet to blue-violet flowers adorn the velvety bush, gathering together in loose heads and stretching both lips towards you, a sign of labiate plants. It is worth looking at these marvellous flowers more carefully, their lips seeming to form small mouths out of which the stamens project like tongues.