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Tiger Lily

Synonyms for Tiger Lily: -
Scientific Name: Lilium lancifolium Thun.
Family: Liliaceae (Lily Family)


Majestic grandeur is what springs to mind when we try to describe them the erect lilies whose imposing flowers adorn our gardens in summer. One which is particularly striking and a little eccentric is the tiger lily with its orange-coloured flowers decorated with dark red spots. When the flowers open between July and August the petals fold back so far that the stamens and pistil are completely exposed. The tall, straight stem, which grows from a substantial bulb up to eight centimetres in diameter, is covered with white, woolly hairs and can reach a height of 150 centimetres. It bears lanceolate leaves which sprout horizontally from the stem. The leaf axils, the point where the leaf is attached to the stem, carry so-called bulbils tiny, dark brown, pea-sized bulbs through which the tiger lily, which produces practically no seeds, can reproduce asexually. When they fall to the ground the bulbils first develop fine roots and then the first pointed leaf.