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Synonyms for Wormwood: Green Ginger
Scientific Name: Artemisia absinthium
Family: Compositae/Asteraceae (Daisy Family)


In its favourite locations wormwood can reach a height of more than 6 feet, giving it the appearance of a small grey-felty copse. It thrives best on fertile soils with a high lime content, e.g. in vineyards, on cliff sides, roadsides, banks of streams and rivers, on ruins and walls, and prefers dry-summer regions. In spring the rootstock, which can reach an age of 3 to 10 years, produces several stems which are surrounded by a wealth of finely divided grey-felty leaves with a silky shimmer. In winter all the above-ground parts of the plant die and it over-winters as a woody rosette. From July to September the stems are crowned with racemose panicles composed of numerous inconspicuous drooping yellow heads. Wormwood is spread by the wind, which carries the pollen to the pistils of neighbouring flowers.